Trudeau Liberals providing up to $75,000 for employee sex changes

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As of July 1, 2023, the Trudeau government will be funding the medical sex changes of transgender federal employees up to a cost of $75,000 for what is described as helping people “with their gender affirmation journey.”

The changes to the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) were announced by the Treasury Board and include modest increases to coverage for physiotherapy, massage therapy and vision care, whereas the whopping amount for “gender-affirming procedures” is intended to cover certain “medically necessary” interventions that are not covered by provincial health plans.

Coverage varies from province to province, but using Ontario as an example, that could mean coverage for electrolysis, laser hair removal, or liposuction if such procedures are deemed medically necessary by an attending physician or nurse practitioner. 

Tracheal shaves, facial masculinization and feminization surgery, and buttock implants are also considered by some trans activists as being medically necessary life-saving care but the Treasury Board announcement does not specify whether cosmetic procedures such as these will be funded by the taxpayer. 

An NDP-proposed gender-affirming healthcare bill in Ontario that seeks to expand provincial coverage for such interventions is currently stalled at first reading.

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