Trudeau Liberals seek to prohibit spreading 'false information' about Canadian elections

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Election integrity has become a hot topic as of late, and one of the ways to ensure things go off without a hitch is to have an informed public whose ideas haven’t been distorted by disinformation.

In a report submitted to the House of Commons on Tuesday, Chief Electoral Officer Stephane Perrault outlined his plan to quash disinformation about elections before it has a chance to spread throughout Canada.

“False information about the electoral process and the integrity of elections can harm public trust in elections,” Perrault wrote. “This can serve to facilitate voter suppression and, in the longer term, jeopardize trust in the entire electoral system on which democracies rest.”

He pointed out that there are currently “no specific prohibitions” in the Elections Modernization Act against making false statements about the electoral process,” and suggested that there ought to be.

“To protect against inaccurate information that is intended to disrupt the conduct of an election or undermine its legitimacy,” Perrault advised, “amend the Act to prohibit a person or entity, including foreign persons and entities, from knowingly making false statements about the voting process, including about voting and counting procedures, in order to disrupt the conduct of the election or to undermine the legitimacy of the election or its results.”

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