Trudeau Liberals spent $34k on limos and chauffeurs at Glasgow UN conference

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Drivers and luxury transportation cost the Trudeau Liberals nearly $35,000 during a November United Nations Climate Change Conference in Scotland.

The COP26 summit delegation included in its budget $10,000 for PCR testing, and $34,000 to a company called Little’s Chauffeur Drive. In total, the delegation spent $217,106.97 during the summit.

Receipts for taxis and rideshare services were separately submitted and not included in the limo charges, reports Rebel News, who filed the Access to Information request to obtain the documents.

Over 200 people were a part of the Canadian delegation in Glasglow.

Other costs included $209,562 to the Caledonian Hilton, $52 at a Tesco Express, $370 at a Costco Wholesale, and $103.75 on an item simply listed as “boots,” explained as being “personal protective equipment” for COVID-19.

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