Trudeau's passport delays cause 12-year-old with brain tumour to miss medical appointment

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“It’s urgent for me to go,” Gabriella said. “I want to know that everything is OK, and my brain is OK. I worry about it a lot.”

Whether she will make this appointment is still up in the air.

After months of delays, Gabriella’s mother, Kim Segal, says a Service Canada representative told her she MAY be able to pick up the passport on Nov. 14.

“It’s like torture by water drops,” Segal told CBC, describing the difficulty to secure her daughter’s passport in time for the appointment.

“When you go through something so devastating as your child having a brain tumour, …every other added stress is just another drop. It makes life very hard.”

Usually for urgent passport applications, applicants must submit their documents to a passport office that specifically offers urgent services, along with proof of travel, but because Segal applied so far in advance, she didn’t feel like she needed to apply urgently.

Despite a handful of Service Canada representatives confirming the file was still pending, it appears that it was neglected for months. She was finally informed on November 3, more than four months after first applying in person, that the application was incomplete.

“I was just flabbergasted that it took them this long to tell me that I was missing these documents, to even open the file five months later,” Segal said. “It’s shameful.”

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