Trump Accuser’s Social Media Posts Return to Light, Cast Even More Doubt on Her Story

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Here’s some advice for the former advice columnist who just won $5 million from Donald Trump: Stop talking.

Because the longer E. Jean Carroll and her attorney keep their case in the public eye, the longer normal Americans who don’t sit on juries in deep-blue Manhattan will have to question just how credible her story is.

And that means they’ll have longer to wonder about Carroll’s social media posts about Trump that would make raise questions in any normal person’s mind.

As the establishment media trumpeted far and wide last week, Carroll on May 9 was awarded $5 million by a federal jury in New York, which found the now-former president had defamed Carroll when he denied her accusation that he had raped her in a Manhattan department store in the 1990s.

The jury awarded her about $2 million on her sexual battery claim and roughly $3 million for defamation.

Trump, who has steadfastly denied the accusation, filed to appeal the verdict — which isn’t much of a surprise.

But what might be more surprising is that Carroll and her attorney, Robbie Kaplan, aren’t content to simply bank the $5 million while pursuing further legal action against the former president based on similar grounds behind closed doors.

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