Trump indictment anticipated from Biden DOJ over Mar-a-Lago investigation

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Special counsel Jack Smith is nearing the end of obtaining various testimony and evidence in the Department of Justice’s criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump, who has been accused of mishandling classified government documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI in August 2022, and many boxes of documents were taken. Attorney General Merrick Garland alleges that Trump was not supposed to have these documents at his home. President Biden, of course, has been discovered to be in possession of classified documents going back to his time as vice president with the Obama administration.

The development comes amid the former president being indicted in late March by New York City DA Alvin Bragg over charges of “falsification of business records,” with some of his close associates expecting the presidential campaign to fundraise off a potential prosecution.

However, it appears that there have been disagreements within Trump’s inner circle, which has seen one lawyer leave his legal team, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Smith reportedly interviewed almost every employee at Mar-a-Lago, including maintenance staff and maids, attempting to gather information that would be effective in demonstrating that a crime was committed.

Smith must provide substantial evidence that reveals Trump’s intentions in keeping  documents at his Florida home, and the special counsel has apparently asked questions to the luxury home’s staff that would be used to rebut the defense that Trump’s legal team is sure to use, according to the report.

Smith could charge Trump or hand over the matter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, who would ultimately be responsible for making a final decision on potential charges. 

The report notes that Smith’s team has obtained evidence that the former president held onto important documents after being asked to surrender all of them. This comes after the National Archives turned over communications to Smith’s team, which apparently featured Trump consulting his advisers on how he could declassify documents.

Trump is running for president in 2024 and he leads both Biden and Ron DeSantis in polling.

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