Trump Reportedly Considering Republican He Ran Against in 2016 to Be His VP

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If former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election — and every American who loves freedom should pray that he does, assuming he is the GOP nominee — he will not serve more than four years in office. Urgency surrounds his campaign. He would need someone to help him win. Then, he would have much to do and a short time in which to do it.

Thus, his choice of running mate would carry more than the usual significance attached to such decisions.

According to The Calvin Coolidge Project — a conservative account with more than 40,000 followers on the social media platform X — 2016 Republican presidential candidate, legendary brain surgeon and former Trump administration official Ben Carson has emerged as the “leading frontrunner” to serve as Trump’s running mate if he wins the GOP primary race.

“News: A source who is familiar with President Trump’s thinking tells me that @RealBenCarson is the leading frontrunner to be his Vice President choice in 2024 at this time. What do you think of a Trump-Carson ticket?” the account said in a post on Wednesday.

X users responded with approval.

“Absolutely amazing choice,” one said.

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