Trump, Trump-backed candidates surge in new Arizona polling

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Polling shows a tight race in Arizona in the lead up to the November election, as Donald Trump endorsed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake faces off against Democrat rival Katie Hobbs and Trump backed Blake Masters goes up against incumbent Senator Mark Kelly.

A new poll out of Emerson College shows that Hobbs and her GOP rival, Kari Lake, are neck and neck and polling at 46 percent support each. Mark Kelly holds support at 47 percent with Blake Masters holding at 45 percent.

In the governor’s race only six percent are undecided and two percent claim they will vote for some other candidate. In the senate race, five percent say they are undecided and four percent claim they will vote for a third candidate.

Kari Lake, Blake Masters, and Mark Kelly all polled at 48 percent general favorability. 54 percent of voters expect Lake to win the governor’s seat and 53 percent expect Kelly to hold the Senate seat. 46 percent of those polled expect Hobbs to win, coincidentally Hobbs holds a 46 percent favorability rating.

31 percent have a very favorable view of Masters and 25 percent have a very favorable view of Kari Lake. Hobbs has a 27 percent very favorable margin and 35 percent are very favorable towards Kelly.

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