Tucker Carlson Demolishes Dems’ Most Disgusting Lie About Jan. 6 with Never-Before-Seen Footage

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Of all the lies surrounding the Capitol incursion, it’s the worst that has come to light.

The death of a police officer is a tragedy under any circumstances, but when it’s seized by progressive opportunists as a chance to smear their opposition — and paraded in front of the nation’s TV cameras like some Soviet-era propaganda film — it goes from personally tragic to politically obscene.

But as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson demonstrated on Monday, that’s exactly where Democrats took the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

As part of his first report on more than 40,000 hours of security video released by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Carlson demolished the Democratic story point by point, from the initial report about Sicknick’s death to the political theater of President Joe Biden and his party when they put Sicknick’s cremated remains on display in the Capitol Rotunda three weeks after his death.

“They lied about the police officer they claim to revere,” Carlson said in his report. “If they were willing to do that, then their dishonesty knew no limits.”

And it’s the lie that’s the nauseating part. As Carlson’s report demonstrates, there was plenty of video showing Sicknick alive and moving actively about inside the Capitol after the supposedly deadly fire extinguisher strike outside the building.

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