Tucker Carlson Reveals How Fox News Really Felt About Jan. 6 Footage

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Over seven months since getting booted from Fox News, conservative pundit Tucker Carlson revealed how his former employer really felt about the Jan. 6 footage that he showed on air.

In a podcast interview released Thursday, Carlson told host Roseanne Barr that Fox’s leadership “really didn’t like” his coverage of the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion  because he said the so-called insurrection was a “set-up” and a “lie.”

“A bunch of people quit over that,” he said.

“They were so outraged because I said it seems like there were probably a lot of feds in the crowd on Jan. 6.”

“Oh yeah, buttloads,” Barr replied.

“And now it turns out, of course, there were way more than I even imagined,” Carlson continued.

“The whole thing was a complete set-up. The whole thing was a lie, and it was used to put people in prison for expressing their constitutionally protected rights.”

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