Tucker Carlson Winning Big – Look How Many Seats Have Been Sold for His First Appearance Since Fox Ouster

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An Alabama venue that is hosting Tucker Carlson on Thursday night has sold out all of its tickets, according to its website promoting the event.

Before his ouster from Fox News last month, Carlson agreed to speak at an event that is being hosted by a non-profit called Rainbow Omega.

Rainbow Omega, which assists adults with developmental disabilities and looks after them when their parents have passed away, was able to land Carlson before his ousting for its annual fundraiser.

Cable’s former top primetime host did not cancel his plans to speak at the fundraiser, even though he has led virtually every news cycle since his April 24 firing.

The fundraiser’s venue, the Oxford Perfuming Arts Center in Oxford, Alabama, has sold all of its tickets for Thursday’s event.

The event, which is titled the “Rainbow Omega Annual Fundraising Event – featuring Tucker Carlson,” is “sold out,” according to the event website.

According to AL.com, there were 1,200 tickets made available for the fundraiser of which all proceeds will go to those who need them.

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