Tucker: I Was Working on a Secret Plan When the NSA Broke Into My Secure Text Messages

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Remember back in 2021, when Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went on air and publicly alleged the National Security Agency was spying his text messages? The media painted him as a dangerous loon, someone who should be thrown off the air posthaste.

And then came reports that, uh, Tucker was potentially right. See, Carlson was trying to arrange an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin — and because the NSA was monitoring Putin, Carlson’s communications with Kremlin intermediaries may have been intercepted by an arm of the U.S. intelligence community that isn’t supposed to spy on its own citizens, Axios reported in July 2021.

On an episode of the “Full Send Podcast” published last week, Carlson went into greater detail about the alleged NSA surveillance, saying he “was immediately intimidated” and is “embarrassed to admit” it caused him to nix the potential interview.

“I’ve been all over the world — I feel like I’ve been everywhere except Russia, and Russia is a combatant in a war that’s changing the world,” Carlson said on the podcast, which is based in Newport Beach, California.

“I should go see it … and I was planning on it, and I got stopped by the U.S. government from doing it.”

Carlson said that, as he was working on setting up the interview, “the NSA broke into my Signal account, which I didn’t know they could do.”

Signal, for the unaware, is a privacy-heavy messaging app often favored by journalists because of its strong encryption and the supposed difficulty that Big Brother-esque intelligence services would have breaking into it.

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