Turning Point USA event mobbed by HUMAN WALL of 'leftist student' protestors

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Turning Point USA hosted an event at Tulane University that was blocked off by a “human wall” of leftist protestors, the activism group says.

The event, coordinated by Driena Sixto, had TPUSA members participate in a “Prove Me Wrong” table session that aimed to have conservatives and dissenting voices discuss hot button political topics on campus.

The argument this time was that “censorship always precedes socialism.” The event was then stopped by leftists who shouted at members, as seen in a video by TPUSA.

“Nobody wants you here! Your club is spreading hate and I don’t like it so I’m going to yell at you,” said one counter-protestor to TPUSA members.

Leftist activists then began to form a human wall in front of the TPUSA booth to block the students from engaging with one another.

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