Twitter locks user who posted Epstein-Judge meme, forces him to delete tweet

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Prior to becoming the judge who signed off on the Mar-a-Lago search warrant, Bruce Reinhart was an attorney representing Jeffrey Epstein’s employees. Yes, that Jeffrey Epstein. This fact was noted first by Miranda Devine at the New York Post before spreading like wildfire across the internet, sparking a hysterical meme. But Twitter, ever willing to spoil fun, has demanded the meme maker take it down, under penalty of account suspension.

The image was clearly marked as a meme, and the account clearly marked as a meme account. But Twitter has no sense of humor. “It is crazy that they are suspending political art and calling it misinformation!” @WhatIMemeToSay told The Post Millennial. “It says right in my bio that I am a digital art creator/meme creator.”

“Delete Tweet,” Twitter informed account @WhatIMemeToSay. The tweet was reported for “Violating the policy on promoting synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to cause harm. You may not share deceptively altered media on Twitter in ways that mislead or deceive people about the media’s authenticity where threats to physical safety or other serious harm may result.”

@WhatIMemeToSay had no intentions of the meme being considered anything other than in jest. “Basically,”  @WhatIMemeToSay told The Post Millennial, “since the judge used to be an Epstein lawyer I thought it would be funny to put the judge body on Epstein’s body getting a foot massage from Maxwell. I posted it as a quote tweet to the original photo so everyone can see the reference. It took off as a real photo & everyone left out that it was a QT showing the original photo.”

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