Twitter suspends popular anti-woke account after complaint by drag kid's mother

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Popular account @MythinformedMKE was suspended from Twitter after the mother of a “trans child” complained about a video the group posted to their feed. The objection to the man-on-the-street style video was that the man referenced Desmond is Amazing, a biological boy who has been socially transitioned and performs as a drag queen. Desmond was vaulted to fame when video emerged of him performing in drag with and for adults.

The video was accompanied by a caption which read: “Pride March goer defends the practice of drag kids getting tips by citing ‘it’s a thing in drag culture, it’s the same thing you do with strippers.'” The tweet further explained that the video showed “Another attendee defends public BDSM in full view of children: ‘I’m down for the kink with kids.'”

It was at the beginning of the clip that an image of Desmond is Amazing was shown, when the man-on-the-street overlaid a news article and a photo of Desmond prior to showing the interviews. The clip that was disputed was only on screen for about three seconds. That image was from a news article, was not particularly or apparently proprietary to person whose image was represented.

In response to the video, the mother of Desmond is Amazing claimed that there was a copyright violation in posting the video, and that violation was that an image of her child was shown. In recent Twitter policy, a new guideline was revealed in which a person has ownership of their image, regardless of copyright, and can request that an image be removed.

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