Twitter Users Notice Big Problem with 3 Logos Behind Biden During Speech

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President Joe Biden is certainly no stranger to committing embarrassing blunders that end up as news stories, but it’s usually because of something he said or did.

This time around, some poorly thought-out imagery in the background of a Thursday speech by the president quickly caught the attention of social media users. According to CNBC, Biden gave a speech on what the White House touted as an update on America’s “economic progress.”

As the president spoke Thursday at a steamfitters union hall in Springfield, Virginia, a sign behind the president’s podium read, “President Biden’s Blueprint For America.” Underneath that message, the sign read, “good jobs, lower costs, better pay.”

The problem, as noted by Christian Martinez, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s deputy press secretary, the images next to those phrases told a much different and sadder story.

“Did anyone in the Biden administration check the logos? Because that’s definitely an American worker working for less money,” Martinez tweeted.

Martinez hit the nail on the head. Obviously, the images were not meant to mean what it looks like they mean, but my goodness, what a giant “yikes” in the optics department. The images on its own very clearly looked like it depicted workers getting paid less in Biden’s America.

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