Two die from suicide during taxpayer-funded NIH sex change study, 11 others have suicidal ideation– GOP lawmakers demand answers

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Republican lawmakers are demanding answers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) after a study of youth undergoing experimental medical sex changes revealed two committed suicide and a further 11 experienced suicidal ideation.

According to The Daily Signal, the NIH gave $477,444 in funding to Boston Children’s Hospital, the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), and the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago for the study titled “Psychosocial Functioning in Transgender Youth after 2 Years of Hormones.”

The study was led by Dr. Diane Chen of Lurie Children’s Hospital and among the co-authors is Dr. Diane Ehrensaft, who believes non-verbal autistic children can signal their transgender identities through drawing; and Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy, who advocates for teenage girls to get mastectomies and once famously quipped that if they want breasts later, they can just go and get them.

Congressman Josh Brecheen and Senator Tedd Budd (R-NC) sent a letter to the NIH asking why the study wasn’t shut down after the two suicides, highlighting the fact that many of the researchers involved are “outspoken advocates for conducting gender transition interventions on children.” The letter was co-signed by a further 13 Republican lawmakers.

“It is sickening that the federal government is preying on young people and using our taxpayer dollars to advance its radical gender ideology,” said Brecheen in a press release. “We are rightfully demanding answers from NIH and we are committed to holding those responsible accountable for this tragic loss of life.” 

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