‘Two-Tiered System of Justice’: Kash Patel Dissects the 34-Count Trump Indictment and 16-Page Statement of Facts

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“As a prosecutor, you either have the facts and the law to bring the case or you don’t. You’re not supposed to go in there and create a novel legal theory. That’s the job of the state legislature,” says Kash Patel.

In this episode, Kash Patel and Jan Jekielek do a deep dive into the 34-count indictment and the 13-page statement of facts released on April 4 after former President Donald Trump was arraigned in the Stormy Daniels “hush money” payment case.

What is the legal basis of the case? Why did Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg issue a speaking indictment? What does Patel think the defense’s strategy should be?

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