Two Women Are Told They’ve Broken the Law by Criticizing Male Attempting to Breastfeed a Child: Report

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Two Australian women were reportedly given notices informing them that they committed a crime by criticizing a male, who identifies as a woman, that was trying to breastfeed a baby.

The news was first reported by the “Pro-Woman, Pro-Child Safeguarding, Anti-Bullsh*t,” media outlet Reduxx.

According to the outlet, Twitter contacted the two women — Jasmine Sussex and Leah Whiston — on May 16, notifying them that they had violated Australian law in several of their tweets.

The platform told the two that a “government entity or law enforcement agency” had informed them of their alleged crime, and that the platform had been forced to hide the content from Australian users.

The posts in question had been critical of Jennifer Buckley, a female-identified male.

Buckley had previously announced online that, after two years of transitioning, he had induced lactation and had begun breastfeeding his newborn son, who his wife had given birth to.

Sussex was heavily critical of this, telling the U.K.’s Daily Mail that “men shouldn’t breastfeed because breastfeeding [is] for the baby,” and that “there is no evidence that any male-induced milk is equivalent to mother’s milk.”

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