Ukrainian officials ask WEF for help in international investment, post-war reconstruction, fighting internal corruption

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On Tuesday, officials from Ukraine and other European nations gathered to talk about supporting Ukraine throughout the conflict with Russia and in its post-war rebuilding efforts in a World Economic Forum Annual Meeting panel titled “Ukraine: What Next?”

Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of Ukraine, said that Ukraine has shown “resilience” during this wartime, and that this resilience would “help foreign investment to come and to feel comfortable and to achieve their goals.

“So that’s why our idea is, first of all, to stress on that necessary to provide this additional military support, and of course, to find some additional tools with our… partners how we can facilitate Ukrainian business to develop, and how we can facilitate foreign investment to come to Ukraine even now with different mechanisms such as insurance for the war risks, for example, or some additional finance that can be provided.”

Oleksiy Chernyshov, CEO Naftogas Ukraine, Ukraine’s oil and gas company, said in regard to Ukraine’s “next enemy” after the war, “Ukraine should fight is internal enemy, which is definitely lies in the area of anti-corruption, corporate governance, reforms agenda, judicial reform, all the factors that are desperately needed to this country regardless of the war.”

“Let us remember, did Ukraine suffer from equity shortage before the war? Yes,” he said, later adding that “we should reform reforms agenda as soon as possible, and we cannot wait until the war is over.”

“We should do it right now, because once the war is over, no one is willing to invest in the country which is not reformed, and we’re doing it right now.”

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