Uncounted Votes on Memory Card Flips Georgia Election for Candidate Nobody Knows

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Madelyn Orochena was certified as the winner of a Cobb County, Georgia, special election. Then, Orochena received a phone call on Nov. 16 with some startling news from Cobb Elections.

A representative told Orochena that officials found a misplaced flash drive with uncounted votes on it.

“Once the correction was made … your race outcome changed and Ms. Burnette came out ahead,” the official told her, according to Orochena’s campaign.

“[They] plan to re-certify the results Friday.”

Indeed, after the discovered ballots were added, a “recertification” of the election took place, declaring Orochena’s opponent for a seat on the Kennesaw City Council, Lynda Burnette, the winner.

An update issued by the county on Friday revealed that workers found a memory card containing additional ballots.

These results had not yet been tabulated in the final count, the county claims.

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