University of Ottawa plans panel on journalists getting ‘mean tweets’

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Media personalities will be participating in a live podcast to discuss their experiences with online harassment and “mean tweets” as experienced by journalists.

“Join us for a conversation with Rosemary Barton, Fatima Syed and Mark Blackburn to discuss online harassment, discrediting journalism, and what incivility means for our democratic systems,” the event’s description reads.

“It’s no secret that journalists have faced increasing harassment over the past few years,” it continues, citing  an IPSOS survey of Canadian journalists in November 2021 that found that 72 percent had experienced some form of harassment over the past year, with 65 percent of this abuse occurring online.

“From personal attacks to accusations of bias or being ‘fake news,’ negativity directed at journalists can have a serious impact on when and how credible information is shared and found,” it states.

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