University of Toronto commemorates 34th anniversary of École Polytechnique massacre with keynote speech by trans-identified male

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“I am affected to my core by transphobia and misogyny; they keep me up at night, haunting me with questions for which I do not have answers,” Thom said, citing issues such as sex-segregated bathrooms and the mutilation of children who believe they are the opposite gender.

Thom repeatedly referred to violence committed against transgender women, however as Reduxx points out, there has not been a single case of a male who identifies as a female being murdered in Canada since 2008, when recordings of such things began.

During the event, a link was sent out, allowing the audience and community to submit questions for Thom, though it was soon closed due to the fact that the majority of submissions were critical of his presence.

“Why did you invite a male to give a keynote address during an event intended to commemorate femicide?” one person asked.

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