University of Washington BUSTED covering up negative study findings for teens receiving 'gender affirming care'

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Researchers at the University of Washington found that the use of puberty blockers and hormones didn’t improve the mental health of trans-identified teens, but published a study claiming they did.

Internal emails obtained by Jason Rantz reveal that when the researchers were caught, officials at UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s Hospital advised each other against correcting the misinformation they put out.

The researchers at UW Medicine claimed in a March 11 press release that gender-affirming care “dramatically reduces” depression, calling it “lifesaving care.” In a press release titled “Gender-affirming care dramatically reduces depression for transgender teens, study finds,” UW Medicine claimed that “researchers recently found that gender-affirming care for transgender and nonbinary adolescents caused rates of depression to plummet.”

However, the data shows there was virtually no improvement in mental health outcomes for the patients receiving gender-affirming care. The press release, which was picked up by press outlets, was incorrect.

Independent journalist Jesse Singal published a thorough critique of the study in April, identifying its every flaw and dubiously drawn conclusion.  When Singal asked the researchers for the raw data, the study’s author stopped responding. Similarly, when Singal reached out to UW Medicine spokespeople, he was also denied the data.

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