US border agents, Mexican military stop 1,000 illegal migrants from storming El Paso bridge

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The El Paso border was heavily armed with Mexican military and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) offers on Sunday when “at least 1,000” migrants failed to rush through the checkpoint.

CBP “implemented port hardening measures” that included the use of concrete barricades and fencing, according to the Daily Mail.

Officials suggested that the large group of migrants approached the international line, “posing a threat to make mass entry.”

The footage revealed that the majority of those attempting to cross the border were young men, but there were women and children scattered throughout the mass of migrants. 

There is also footage that shows migrants making their way past the Mexican side of Paso Del Notre bridge, which reportedly forced CBP to put up barricades of barbed wire and other physical barriers in an effort to stifle the crossings.

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