US-Mexico border controlled by cartels, not Biden admin

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“The whole world is crossing the border, and these are the people who want to get caught,” Muller told Fox News. “There’s a lot of people who don’t want to get caught.” 

“Where are they going and who’s supporting them?” Muller continued. “That’s what’s scary.”

With fees for human smuggling across the border costing up to $20,000, many migrants have no choice but to become indebted to the cartel, being forced to work off their debts.

“Not everybody is able to pay for it, and they come as indentured servants,” Lines told Fox News.

Muller believes that the cartels have taken advantage of Biden’s failing border policies.

“The border is 100 percent not secure, it’s wide open,” he told Fox News. “It’s 100 percent dangerous what’s happening right now. I’m sure it might be too late as this has been like this for the last two and half years.”

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