US Naval Academy creates new woke 'Diversity Peer Educator' program

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Recently uncovered documents from the United States Naval Academy have revealed that the military branch based out of Annapolis, Maryland has rolled out a “Diversity Peer Educator (DPE) Program,” which serves to “create an inclusive environment that fosters dignity and respect throughout the Brigade.”

Substack CDR Salamander published the details of the new program via a memo that was released on February 16 by the Department of the Navy’s Office of the Commandant of Midshipmen. The statement read, “The DPE Program exists to create an inclusive environment that fosters dignity and respect throughout the Brigade by equipping midshipmen to lead across cultures in support of the USNA Mission and guidance.”

A DPE is described as “Midshipmen who have attended DPE Education, completed all DPE qualification requirements including Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) and who are designated in writing by the DPE Program Manager.”

These midshipmen are required to hold two small group discussions within their company each semester, which consist of “an open conversation about leading a diverse group of people, ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect and feels a sense of belonging in the group.”

Midshipmen who become DPEs are required to participate in at least one Diversity and Inclusion Program event per semester, attend the USNA Diversity and Inclusion Conference, assist with planning Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion led events, and participate in continuing education from the DPE program Manager.

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