US State Department offering million dollar grant to report on alleged human rights violations by Israel

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The US State Department has reportedly offered a grant of $987,654 for organizations to conduct projects that include reporting on alleged human rights violations by Israel.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the grant has raised concern among the pro-Israel community that it will be abused by organizations like Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) and international law tribunals to target the Jewish state. The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) announced last month, “…an open competition for projects that strengthen accountability and human rights in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza.”

The purpose of the proposals is to “…collect, archive and maintain human rights documentation to support justice and accountability and civil society-led advocacy efforts, which may include documentation of legal or security sector violations and housing, land and property rights.” The projects are also encouraged to, “…take meaningful action in pursuing truth, accountability and memorialization; and/or provide psychosocial support to survivors of atrocities.”

According to The Jerusalem Post, The DRL is said to be favoring projects by organizations that use their programs in Gaza and the West Bank. Applicants for the grant must pass through a vetting process to ensure that the money does not end up going towards terrorist organizations and cannot “…reflect any type of support for any member, affiliate or representative of a designated terrorist organization.”

Pro-Israel organizations are concerned that this grant will be abused by an organization like BDS to unjustly target Israel over false accusations of human rights violations.

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