US Unveils Charged Against Chinese Communist Party Operatives Who Targeted Americans

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Three groups of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operatives sought to interfere with Americans and American residents, including trying to pay money for secret information about charges against a China-based company, U.S. officials said on Oct. 24.

Two CCP intelligence operatives approached a U.S. government employee to try to obtain confidential information about charges against a China-based telecommunications company, according to charges outlined in eastern New York court papers and by Attorney General Merrick Garland. The operatives paid bribes to the employee and were given documents they thought outlined the prosecution’s strategy, possible witnesses, and other details.

But the employee was actually a double agent and the documents contained fake information, Garland said.

In another case in eastern New York, a group of seven people engaged in a “multi-year campaign of threats and harassment” against a U.S. resident to try to make the resident return to China, Garland said.

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