US’s Nuclear ‘Breakthrough’ Could Provide Unlimited Clean Energy by Mimicking the Sun

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What could be a step in the Energy Revolution that could change the way a far distant future society lives has taken place, according to new research that is being unveiled Tuesday.

The Department of Energy is announcing that for the first time, a laboratory experiment has been able to produce a fusion reaction in which the energy produced exceeded the energy needed to create the fusion reaction, according to The Washington Post.

While holding off the details pending Tuesday’s media announcement, the Department noted that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm will be announcing “a major scientific breakthrough.”

Proponents of fusion say it will revolutionize energy.

“Fusion is the Holy Grail of climate change and decarbonized future. Perhaps even more profoundly, fusion has the potential to lift more citizens of the world out of poverty than any idea since fire,” Democratic Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia said earlier this year, according to his website.

Unlike fission, which breaks apart the energy bonds of atoms, fusion smashes atoms together, releasing energy. Fusion research has been taking place since the 1950s, because unlike existing commercial forms of nuclear energy, there is no radioactive waste. Energy produced by the sun is an example of fusion.

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