Utah legislature overrides governor’s veto, approves ban on biological males competing in girls’ sports

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Questions related to Utah’s liability surrounding the passage of a bill banning biological males from competing on female sports teams might’ve been too much for the state’s Governor Spencer Cox, but not his state’s legislature.

On Friday, the Utah legislature voted to override the governor’s veto on the bill.

The motion to override the veto passed the Utah Senate with 21 yeas and 8 nays after being approved by Utah’s House of Representatives in a vote of 56 for and 18 against, the supermajority needed to override Cox’s veto.

Nate Hochman of the National Review pointed out how the voting margin thresholds for the override met a much larger margin than the original bill’s passage.

Cox made clear his intentions to veto a bill banning biological males from competing in girls’ sports earlier this month. In a public appeal to emotions over science, the governor had initially vetoed the transgender sports ban back on Tuesday.

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