Vegan Upset Over What Airline Gave Her on 6-Hour Flight: ‘Everyone Was Eating Hot Food’ but Her

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A vegan passenger had an experience on a recent flight that can be best summed up with the phrase “you can’t always get what you want.”

Motivational speaker Juanita Headley remains livid that the airline did not have ample vegan meals for her when she took a flight from Ghana to Amsterdam on April 19.

There were extenuating circumstances, according to Business Insider.

Headley’s initial flight from Ghana to London was delayed, which meant the KLM booking took place on short notice. Headley, who had ordered a vegan meal on the Kenya Airways flight, also did not have time to get her own food.

Headley said that KLM staff at first said they were not sure a vegan meal would be ready for her, but then said those immortal words everyone hears now and then that there would be no problem.

Well, there was.

“I was sitting on a plane, hungry, and while everyone was eating hot food I got nuts, about seven pieces of tangerine, and four pieces of pineapple. That’s what I was served as a hot meal,” she said.

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