Vermont school district cancels ‘Flannel Friday’ due to ‘equity’ concerns

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A Vermont school district has reportedly cancelled its “Flannel Friday” event for its students and staff, citing concerns with “equity.”

The Essex Westford School District recently sent an email to parents, addressing the change in the fun Friday flannel-themed celebration.

“As we work to dig in and better understand our system with an equity lens, each time we act, we have an opportunity for consideration of how our impact shows up for all. Based on a discussion with our leadership, we are changing Flannel Friday to Favorite Friday!” the email, obtained by Twitter account Libs of TikTok, states.

“Please wear your favorite clothes to school on Friday. This will support everyone in having a day they can participate in and share some joy at the same time,” the email to families and staff continues. “Feel free to share with others that you are in your favorite clothes and fun stories that go with your choice!”

“A school in Vermont canceled ‘Flannel Friday’ this week cuz apparently flannel isn’t equitable enough,” commented Libs of TikTok, a popular social media sleuthing account that exposes woke insanity in K-12 schools.

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