Video: Biden Has Difficulty Boarding Air Force One for the Second Time in Two Weeks

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When an 80-year-old man misses a step, stumbles and then catches himself, we resign it to the infirmities of age, move on and forget the whole thing.

But when it is the leader of the free world — whose fitness to hold that job will be coming under even more intense scrutiny in the months to come — the world notices. Hence the focus on President Joe Biden when he stumbled yet again while climbing up the stairs to Air Force One on Sunday after making a trip to Selma, Alabama, where he spoke at a civil rights event.

“Steady on, Joe!” proclaimed the U.K. Daily Mail in its coverage.

Twitter argued over whether the incident was an indication that there should be a concern for Biden’s competence, an opportunity for comedy or a chance to condemn Biden’s critics.

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