Video Emerges of Black Students Allegedly Attacking, Forcing White Students to Say ‘Black Lives Matter’

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A harrowing video has surfaced of a racially charged schoolyard incident that rocked an Ohio community last month.

Kenwood Elementary School in Springfield, Ohio, came under national scrutiny after it was reported that children there were assaulted after refusing to say “black lives matter.”

The incident occurred on Feb. 10 and, according to a police report, involved a number of black students who targeted their white classmates.

The black students demanded that the white students say “black lives matter” and recorded them making the proclamation.

Students who declined? According to police, they were “chased down and escorted, dragged, or carried to the playground” and forced to utter the words.

WKEF-TV has now acquired surveillance footage that shows what exactly went on in the schoolyard.

WARNING: The following videos show events viewers may find disturbing. 

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