Video of Biden Goes Viral as Americans Try to Decipher What He Meant by ‘Frishi-Heh-Fring-Fruzh’

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Joe Biden lapsed into a string of incomprehensible gibberish that even the transcription could not decipher during his State of the Union address Tuesday, giving us only the latest example of the president mauling a major speech that he was reading off a teleprompter.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the conservative news network The First characterized Biden’s words — if we can use “words” to describe his noises — as: “If you try anything to raise the cost of frishi-heh-fring-fruzh, I will veto it!”

At the time, Biden was talking about the drug industry, so presumably his “frishi-heh-fring-fruzh” was supposed to be “prescription drugs.”

The White House transcript of his speech as it was prepared confirmed that, giving the line as, “Make no mistake, if you try to do anything to raise the cost of prescription drugs, I will veto it.”

But the president delivered the line so fast and so jumbled that few people were able to make it out.

Many others commented on Twitter, too.

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