VILE: Snitch ‘journalist’ gleefully doxxes donors to Canadian freedom protesters

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Canadian radio personality, journalist and erstwhile “shock jock”-turned left-wing activist Dean Blundell, has gleefully published hacked documents containing the names and donor information of every person who sent in a donation to the Freedom Convoy crowdfund on GiveSendGo.

In a series of tweets, Blundell bragged about having the “entire #GiveSendGo donor list,” praising the “nerds” for hacking the database, which he downloaded and disseminated to his 75.5k followers on Twitter.

“Let me know if you find anyone famous or a neighbor who funded the insurrection.  I hope it wasn’t your mom,” wrote Blundell, whose actions would’ve allowed him to fit right at home with the Stasi in East Germany, who were infamous for running a surveillance state that terrorized the country for decades until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

A thorough investigation of the database, which is hosted on Google Docs reveals thousands of donor details, including the donors’ real first and last names and ZIP code associated with the credit card they used to send in the donation. It also includes the email they used and the donation amount.

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