Violent trans criminal Barbie Kardashian sent to Irish women’s prison

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An extremely violent trans-identified male who has sworn to rape and kill women was sentenced to five years in prison Thursday for threatening to torture, rape, and murder the individual’s own mother, and has been sent to the women’s section of Limerick prison in Ireland.

The sentence, handed down by Judge Tom O’Donnell at Limerick Circuit Criminal Court, was backdated to May 9th, 2022, which is when the defendant, Barbie Kardashian, was convicted after a four-day trial, reports The Irish Times.

Police told the court that there are ongoing “grave concerns” about Kardashian’s “motivation to carry out the threats.”

Detective Gardai Niall Fitzgerald told the court that Irish Police, gardaí, believe Kardashian continues to “pose a significant threat to those [Kardashian] has made threats towards, as well as to the wider public.”

According to the Irish Times, Kardashian had 15 previous convictions including threats to kill, sexual assault, assault causing harm, assault, and causing criminal damage to property.

In 2020, Kardashian obtained a gender recognition certificate that recognizes the criminal with a long history of violence against women as being legally female. This was made possible by Ireland’s 2015 Gender Recognition Act that allows individuals to simply “self-identify” as members of the opposite sex in order to gain legal recognition.

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