Virginia Dem opposes parental rights in education, claims they 'indoctrinate' their children

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A resurfaced video from 2021 shows current Democrat candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates District 71, Jessica Anderson, claiming that parents who want to be involved in their children’s education and exercise their parental rights are trying to “indoctrinate” the youth.  

Anderson said, “I’m sorry but I’ve seen some of the parents that live in Virginia. You should not be dictating what your daughters and sons curriculum looks like.”

Anderson continued, “if you want to do that, there is a thing called homeschool. indoctrinate them there, but not in my kids’ public school.” She concluded the video by asking everyone to go vote for Terry McAuliffe for Governor. 

Anderson responded to claims that she called parents “crazy” in a statement to Fox News Digital. She said, “I would never state that as someone who loves my students and their families in this community. As a mom to three daughters, two of which are still in public school, I absolutely believe we should be able to question our students’ education, push back if necessary, and have an active role in the education process.”

“I have always advocated for that publicly and privately,” Anderson said. “I support EVERY parent, every step of the way. I’ve also seen incredible communication between our teachers and parents in my district, when concerns arise.”

Anderson concluded, “my point with those videos, then and now, has been and will always be, we can’t let singular parents dictate the entire structure of the curricula, that all students are being taught. Just like many parents who disagree with my views or perspectives on certain topics in school would feel disenfranchised if I had the ability to decide what their child was taught, without their say.”

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