Warning: The Nightmare Scenario That Could See Kamala Harris Serve 10 Years as President

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Here’s a nightmare scenario for those hoping for a return to competent White House leadership, and it involves Vice President Kamala Harris.

President Joe Biden will reach the halfway mark of his first term on Jan. 20 and for all intents and purposes has become a lame duck already, thanks to his advanced age, which he is certainly showing, and the Republicans taking over the House of Representatives.

Who really believes Biden is fit to serve a second term? And with House Republicans gearing up to investigate potential Biden family corruption based on Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell,” the question is if he will even be able to finish his first term.

That’s to say nothing of the special counsel appointed Thursday to look into Biden’s mishandling of classified documents from his time as vice president.

If Biden were forced to leave office due to impeachment, ill health or lack of mental fitness, Harris would become president.

Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project and a Senate Judiciary Committee staffer, pointed out Wednesday that if Biden were to leave office after Jan. 20, the day he was sworn in two years ago, Harris would complete the remainder of his term and be eligible to run for two more terms after that.

“Per the 22nd Amendment, if President Biden leaves office after January 20, 2023, a President Harris could still run for two 4-year terms (10 years total),” Davis tweeted.

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