Washington Post hack Taylor Lorenz went on the BBC to lie about Elon Musk

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On Saturday night, Washington Post hack Taylor Lorenz took time out of her busy schedule to appear on the BBC to spread lies about Twitter and Elon Musk.

She accused the social media platform’s new CEO of facilitating a “disaster,” and argued without evidence that he has “never” been pro-free speech.

“It’s an absolute disaster,” she began. “Elon has basically alienated the vast majority of the company, telling everyone that unless they … agreed to be ‘hardcore,’ they were gonna be out of a job.”

She went on to accuse Musk of firing people “at whim,” specifically those who said negative things about him, and suggested that when he said “hardcore,” that meant “unwavering loyalty to Elon.”

Lorenz claimed that she had spoken to a number of former Twitter employees who “were grateful to be out of there,” adding that before Musk took over, the company had a “really positive and open culture,” where “free speech and transparency” were paramount.

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