Watch: 24 Videos of AZ Voters Documenting Spoiled Ballots, Broken Tabulators, and the Dreaded ‘Box 3’

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There is nothing more tantamount to American democracy than the right to vote.

Given that fact, it would only make entirely too much sense to make voting as safe, secure and efficient as possible.

So then why isn’t it?

To be fully transparent, I was able to vote fairly quickly and without issue. But I’m just a single voter.

Videos gathered by the former publisher of The Western Journal, Floyd Brown, contain interviews conducted with over 20 Arizona voters, who experienced a myriad of issues when all they were trying to do was vote.

Note that while some of these people were still able to vote, the problems described are extensive and exhausting.

One voter claimed he had to wait in line for seven hours to vote. Could you blame anyone for giving up on waiting in line after an hour, let alone seven?

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