Watch: Applause Erupts as Argumentative US Track Star Is Kicked Off Plane

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Sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson was kicked off an American Airlines flight Saturday, according to a pair of Instagram videos she released that show her being combative with flight attendants and fellow passengers.

Richardson posted one video in which she said she was going on vacation. In the video, she rebuked a flight attendant who leaned into the video frame as an announcement was being made to put away devices.

“I’m recording me, but you jumped in my video, so I caught you because you jumped in my video. You’re harassing me at this point, so I think you should stop. I think you should stop,” she said.

She insisted then that she was the victim of ill-treatment and had done nothing wrong, and she cursed at a fellow passenger who had the temerity to say something with which she disagreed.

“Tell me if I’ll be wrong to pursue legal actions against the airline @americanair not only did the man threaten me but also an innocent bystander who simply just wanted a picture with me,” she wrote on Instagram in a post accompanying a video of her recording herself making an assortment of complaints about how she was treated.

“In the beginning of the video you can hear a Caucasian male state that he doesn’t give a f as a man that male flight attendant is intimidating a woman,” she posted.

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