WATCH: Biden admin calls for end of gas-powered car sales

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Members of the Biden administration have been on the offensive in the war against gas-powered cars, pushing for policies that would result in more Americans making the switch to electric vehicles.

During an interview on Friday, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm expressed support for an outright ban on sales of gas-powered cars going forward.

“So California made national headlines by becoming the first state to say by 2035, we’re not gonna have any gas-powered vehicles,” reporter Elex Michaelson began, adding that the policy would not impact existing vehicles, only the sale of new ones.

“You like this concept?” he asked.

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  1. Remove this fraudulent dictator from the white house he is communist thru and through gas powered vehicles will never be replaced by electric the batteries don’t last and are too expensive and supports China too much is a national economic suicide.

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