WATCH: Biden claims it's 'sick' to allow sales of semi-automatic weapons

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After visiting with firefighters in Nantucket, Massachusetts on Thursday, President Biden took questions from reporters.

When the recent Walmart shooting was brought up, Biden called for stricter gun laws, and said the fact Americans are still able to buy and sell semi-automatic weapons is “sick.”

“Can you comment on the Walmart shooting, Mr. President?” a reporter asked. 

“I’m sick and tired of these shootings,” he replied. “We should have much stricter gun laws.” After moving closer to the press and wishing everyone Happy Thanksgiving, he went back to addressing the issue. 

“Look, the idea that we’re not enforcing red-flag laws, period, just based on knowledge, not on parents saying or a loved one saying you should arrest this person now for his own sake, is ridiculous,” Biden said. “We got one of the first red-flag laws in the state of Delaware, and my son Beau was the one enforcing it, and it made a lot of difference. It saves lives.”

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