Watch: Biden Has Another ‘Where’s Jackie?’ Moment as He Calls Democrat by Wrong Name 4 Times

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One good thing about President Joe Biden’s public statements is how predictable he is when delivering them. Biden can be counted on to make a gaffe in such a way it makes observers question his cognitive abilities.

Many politicians make verbal missteps. It’s an occupational hazard when so much of the job requires public speaking. But Biden’s lapses aren’t just errors. They seem more like symptoms.

On Thursday, the president called a congressman the wrong name four times in one speech.

Speaking in Springfield, Virginia, Biden called out to thank Democratic Rep. Don Beyer. The problem is, Biden asked for “Doug,” not Don.

Biden flubbed the name three times in about 15 seconds.

The president repeated the error later in the speech (around the 7:27 mark), but that time he corrected himself, saying, “Doug knows — Don.”

It was a troubling reminder of one of Biden’s more uncomfortable slipups in front of an audience who knew he was wrong.

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