Watch: Biden Outright Admits That He’s Lost Control of the Economy – Isn’t ‘Certain’ Where Prices Are Headed

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The Biden administration has provided too many excuses to keep track of regarding the state of the crippling inflation crisis that continues to take a heavy toll on hard-working Americans, especially as the winter season approaches and energy bills climb.

On Tuesday, the White House trotted the 80-year-old president out in public to take a head-scratching victory lap over the latest news regarding the Consumer Price Index, a core inflation marker, which rose less than expected in November, at 0.2 percent, but continues to remain sky high overall.

At the news conference, Biden was asked by a reporter when he expects prices to begin to normalize. Instead of throwing out words like “transitory” or “moderating,” the president admitted at the end of the conference that he doesn’t have a clue, sounding almost as if he’s completely lost control of the situation.

The Daily Caller tweeted a clip of Biden’s super-inspiring words of wisdom.

“Reporter: ‘Can you say when you expect prices to get back to normal, Mr. President?’ Joe Biden: ‘I hope by the end of next year … but I can’t make that prediction.’”

Biden’s non-answer generated plenty of justifiable criticism. Nobody expects Biden or any president to know precisely what will happen, but a general idea would have been nice.

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