Watch: Biden Tries to Brag About Female Staff in Front of Bill Clinton – It Goes Horribly Wrong

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You know who’s not a bastion of lucidity and sharpness? The 76-year-old former President Bill Clinton.

And to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that! Clinton is an elderly man who has moved on from his time in public office and can do whatever he darn well pleases.

You know who’s also not a bastion of lucidity and sharpness? President Joe Biden.

But unlike Clinton, Biden is still very much required to be lucid and sharp by virtue of being president.

So it should be wildly concerning — not just for Biden apologists, but any American who cares about the country — that Biden doesn’t even appear to have the mental faculties of the man who was president 30 years ago.

Yes, Biden is four years older than Clinton, but that shouldn’t account for the latest batch of Biden gaffes — gaffes made all the worse due to the juxtaposition with Clinton.

First, the gaffe in question:

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