Watch Biden’s Face as He Ignores Reporters’ Questions on Classified Docs – Then He Drops 4 Words

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Did Americans just get a glimpse of the “big guy”?

President Joe Biden, who has spent two years in office disgracing the country with scenes of a chief executive alternating between entitlement and ineptitude, showed a face last week of smirking smugness as an unusually combative press corps shouted questions about the classified documents that keep turning up in places they have no business being.

And as the video of the moment shows, his contempt was clear.

The moment took place Friday as Biden was holding a photo-op meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in the Oval Office. According to a White House press pool report, the two leaders made banal statements about “shared values” (Biden) and a “complex security environment” (Kishida).

As the two men shook hands the moment devolved into an “extremely chaotic” scene, as the pool report described it, that was dominated by shouted questions from reporters about classified documents being found in decidedly not secure environments in a Washington office used by Biden after his vice presidency and even in his Wilmington, Delaware, home.

At first, Biden simply smirked as the media minions had the audacity to be shouting questions at all.

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