WATCH: Bill Maher blasts Biden's Build Back Better spending plan on Joe Rogan's podcast

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Talk show host Bill Maher was a guest on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast Tuesday, when he bashed the Biden admin’s expensive Build Back Better spending plan.

During the guest appearance Maher segued into President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan: “When I hear about Build Back Better—Okay, look, certainly the country needs to get rebuilt, I mean, the infrastructure is a mess,” he said.

“But, I’m thinking always like, when you give me a number, it just seems like you pulled it out of your ass,” Maher continued on Rogan’s program.

Rogan responded, “Yeah, and there are very few people saying that.”

Maher went on, voicing that he still doesn’t consider himself a conservative. “That to me is not a Republican idea, it’s just…” he expressed, before Rogan completed Maher’s unfinished sentence with “common sense.”

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